Happy Birthday Irrfan Khan: Thanks for keeping our faith alive in Bollywood

Stars are known for bringing in more money at the box office, actors are known for their brilliant performances. It is always refreshing to see actors who step out from their comfort zone and choose to deliver a performance that entertains the audience. Irrfan Khan is one such fine actor in Bollywood whose sense of judgement while choosing the script has been noted worldwide along with his talent. He is one of the internationally recognised actors, who said no when British director Christopher Nolan offered him a role in his film. The actor, otherwise known for some intense roles, was seen in the light-hearted one when he played Rana, love interest of protagonist Piku (Deepika Padukone) with an amazing sense of humour. While Amitabh Bachchan’s performance as a nagging old man had charm, Irrfan Khan added both depth and nuance to the film. Despite the vast age gap of the two actors in real life, nothing looked eye-catchingly inappropriate when Piku and Rana exchanged smiles.
Qissa was set with India’s Partition as the backdrop where Irrfan played the role of Sikh man Umber Singh. He was shown as a stubborn Punjabi man who wants his son to carry his legacy of a strong hunter ahead. Irrfan carried the role with authenticity. He made the character look effortless.
Lunch Box has Irrfan Khan playing the role of a retired man who was older than his real age subtly. He let his silences do the talking. The film had India’s two most underrated yet brilliant actors, Irrfan Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui.
If only Bollywood would have cared to make more films like Warrior, it would have gained a different impression of itself. It is a simple but beautifully composed film where Irrfan Khan plays the role of Lafcadia, a warrior in antiquated Rajasthan who attempts to give up his sword.
Maqbool is one of Irrfan Khan’s finest films where he essayed the role of the right hand of Mumbai’s biggest mafia. It may not have stood out as one of the best films of that year but Irrfan Khan’s performance alongside Konkona Sen Sharma gave it a quaint charm. It’s not everyday Bollywood caters such realistic romance. And rest is as funny as it gets. Every conversation between these two evoked genuine laughter. Sublime would be the apt word to describe Irrfan Khan’s performance in Life Of Pi. This has been one of his international projects where he makes most of the 10-15 minutes screentime.
For a non-Bengali to speak exact Bengali dialect is not as simple as one may think. In Namesake, Irrfan Khan starred opposite Tabu and also shared screen with Kal Penn. The Namesake had been one of the pleasant films that can be watched several times without boredom.
Outside he is a strong confident man who knows his job well, but deep within he is a vulnerable man begging for emotional support. Irrfan Khan not only perfectly displayed the frustration and helplessness a police officer experiences, he also made it increasingly tangible for his audience.
Although Irrfan Khan had a supporting role in Slumdog Millionaire, unlike other Indian and American actors who were also present in the film, he managed to rule the frame every time the cameras were pointed at him. Irrfan Khan played a police officer.

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