Harsh Dev takes dig at Ram Madhav for his “love and war” comment

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Jammu Tawi, April 22
Commenting upon the endorsement, by National BJP general secretary Ram Madhav, of the Army’s strategy to deal with frenzied mob in Kashmir by saying that everything was fair in love and war, Harsh Dev Singh, Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party (JKNPP) chairman and former minister questioned the J&K BJP Ministers if they too ratified the statement of the top BJP leader. If the saffron party justified the action of the Armed forces in Kashmir as per Ram Madhav’s statement, said Harsh, then why were criminal cases slapped upon the Jawans? He said that it was ironical that while the national BJP described the Armed forces move as justified, the BJP partnered government in the state registered cases U/S 342/149/506 and 367 of RPC against them. Lambasting the dichotomous and incongruous posturing of the BJP over the issue, Singh accused the saffron leaders of blowing hot and cold and taking contradicting stands on different occasions and at different places in their vain attempts only to hood-wink the credulous masses. He said that the BJP was answerable to the people of the state and the nation that if it justified Army’s action then why it registered FIRs against 53 Rashtraya Rifles unit as well as the Army Major. And why the BJP State Ministers were behaving as blind, deaf and deluded being unresponsive to the public clamour seeking withdrawal of FIRs against Army, he added. Describing Ram Madhav’s statement as mere window dressing for the gullible, Singh said that BJP had last its steam and sheen with only feeble noises made by it off and on for public consumption. He said it had sacrificed its lofty promises and public interests at the altar of so called political constraints which was nothing but a euphemism for selfish marriage of convenience.

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