Has your partner moved on from his ex?

Moving on after a breakup isn’t easy for men as sometimes they find themselves stuck in their past despite being in a new relationship. But how should women find out whether or not their partner is done with their past?
Manj Weerasekera, who coaches divorced men, explained that men can be complicated at times and women can’t always become aware of the signs that her boyfriend may still be deep in thought about his former partner.
To know the difference between a boyfriend, who is relating healthily with his ex and the one who is still influenced by her, one should be aware of the of the facts like whether or not her boyfriend talks about his past, bestows favours on his ex without any reason, visits places she liked or made her his new best friend and still has her stuff, says experts.
Here’s a checklist on how to take note:
  •  He talks about her non-stop.
  •  He’s always doing favours for her
  •  He’s her ‘platonic’ date to events.
  •  He’s still part of her family.
  •  He keeps tabs on her online.
  •  He hasn’t given back her things.
  •  His ex is now his new BFF.
  •  Comparative thinking.
  •  Old haunts.
  •  You sense that something just isn’t right.

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