Havana Club launches premium rum

March 8: Cuban rum giant Havana Club has launched a new series of rum called Tributo collection, which is made using specially selected rum reserves. This edition has been created from a base of rum aged in 80-year-old casks and boasts of defining notes of dried tropical fruits and a deep amber colour.

The Tributo collection is bottled at 40 per cent alcohol by volume (ABV). It is currently available in Cuba, the UK and China. With simply 2,500 bottles up for grabs, the company hopes to appeal to spirits connoisseurs and collectors alike.

Havana Club rum maker Asbel Morales said, “By blending rums using very old and rare casks, we have been able to create an expression with a luxurious amber glow, full-bodied fruit flavours and a long finish.” So the next time you travel to any of these countries, you know what to pick.

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