HC issued bailable warrants against CE PDD in ROBKAR

Jammu Tawi, December 6
Justice Alok Aradhe of J&K High Court in a ROBKAR issued bailable warrants Chief Engineer Ashwani Kumar Gupta. According to the ROBKAR in a writ filed by Jamit Ram Parihar S/o Sh. Naib Chand, R/o H.No. 119, Ganesh Vihar, Lower Muthi, Jammu, an order was passed by the High Court of J&K, at Jammu on 11.11.2016, in this case it is noticed with displeasure that the official respondents in their reply have concealed the real picture and have projected a story based on untrue facts. The reply has been filed by and authenticated by his sworn affidavit by the Chief Engineer Electric M&RE Wing, Jammu, Mr. Ashwani Gupta, who is the author of the impugned order. By concealing the true picture and pleading untrue facts, the said Chief Engineer, besides attempting to mislead this Court, has undermined the majesty of law as also the attribute of the high position held by him. The act of the Chief Engineer makes out a prima facie case of Contempt of Court and invites and necessitates action against him. For all that said and discussed above, by issue of a writ of certiorari, the impugned transfer order dated 11.11.2016 issued by respondent No. 3 is quashed and the joining of private respondent in the office of STD-I is held as non est. Registrar Judicial shall draw contempt proceedings (Robkar) against aforementioned Chief Engineer and issue notice to him to show cause as to why he be not proceeded against for an act of the Contempt of Court committed by him. The contempt proceedings be listed in the week commencing 11.11.2016.”
Consequently, as per the direction to the undersigned contained in order dated 11.11.2016, a robkar is framed against you (Mr. Ashwani Gupta, Chief Engineer, Electric, M&RE Wing, Jammu), to show cause as to why you be not proceeded against for contempt of Court committed by you by concealing the true picture and pleading untrue facts before the Court thereby causing interference in the administration of Justice. Today when the matter was taken-up, Court observed that on the last date of hearing when the matter was Court issued bailable warrants against Chief Engineer PDD to the tune of Rs 20,0000/-. JNF

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