Health department mulls to start ‘two notice’ policy

Vinod Kumar
In a significant move to rope in ‘defiant’ doctors, the health department is mulling to bring in ‘two notice’ policy, sources within the department told Newspoint.
According to sources, awry of the tantrums shown by doctors across the Jammu and Kashmir, the health department has decided to take strict action against those doctors, who do not abide by the instructions.
“This policy is novel and will have everlasting impact, providing it is implemented in true spirit,” said sources, adding, “All those doctors, who refuse to abide by the government orders, especially in case of transfers shall be issued notice two times and if he again failed to abide by it, he stands suspended.”
Meanwhile, a senior doctor wishing anonymity said that it has been seen that even after government orders many doctors show reluctance to join their respective places.
“The doctors working in the government hospitals are also making good earning from private clinics, therefore when they are asked to move to rural areas, they show reluctance, as it hampers their smooth earnings,” said doctor, adding even at times it has been heard doctors saying that ‘government needs them, they do not need government hospitals’.
He added that the new policy will rope in those doctors, who in the wake of earning easy money do not abide by the orders, especially when it is about their transfer to outer places.
Admitting that the health department is about to bring in ‘two notice’ policy, minister of health-Bali Bhagat said that he had received frequent complaints that even after transfer orders doctors do not take it seriously and either delay their joining or get it annulled from some politicians.
“I am personally looking into this issue. I have clearly instructed all the officials that if a doctor is reluctant in joining his respective place of transfer, he must be served with two notices, but even if he again fails to comply by it, he must be suspended,” said Bhagat.

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