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Dear Editor,
In modern world when machines and computer have replaced humans and thrust them into a sedentary life style; so much so the industrial revolution and advancement in the science and technology has polluted our whole environment t and whole ecosystem–be it water, be it air, or be it our food that too is available in adulterated form and “Biomagnifications” at every food chain and food web level has further deteriorated our health.
Side by side the junk food like pizza, burger, candies and soft drinks etc have made eventually humans from over weight to obese inviting doctor’s attention at every stage of life. Children’s indoor computer games, TV cartoon show have confined them within four walls of rooms and they don’t move their bodies’ even take meals sitting at a place hours together is an alarming concern and harbinger of “diseased children” at a very tender age. They are over burdened by studies and parents start comparing their children with others putting tension in their minds to secure above 95%–irrespective of their mental level and age they too is very much telling upon their mental health.
Different dogmas regarding health issues have further frustrated humans as to what to take and what not to take they are trapped by the different products of Ayurveda and homeopathy which are not medically tested. Let me quote one example where one girl student once saw an advertisement on T.V regarding weight loss.
She placed order and started and consuming it without consulting any doctor and within six month she landed in trouble and suffered from kidney failure and still on Dialysis. Most of us don’t visit doctors and start self medication which is harmful and some often swarm in diagnostic labs vigorously and become conscious about cholesterol and bla bla…level in blood. But recent studies have shown that only 15% of cholesterol comes to blood through fatty diet and more than 80%comes from liver, so liver dysfunction is responsible for this fuss.
Another theory is that is that people with elephantine body having high BMI (Body Mass Index) suffer from heart attacks and for slim and trim body there is no such ailment, but fact is other way around .Wrestlers and weight lifter has high BMI but they are fit health wise.
One of the renowned dieticians Rujjuta Diwaker has fabulously explained such health dogmas.
Putting oneself on diet landing to Anorexia is not wisdom instead take balanced diet and eats seasonal fruit and seasonal dishes, avoid sedentary life and junk food, do 30 minutes walk and 15 minutes exercise and any game…drink lot of water but no excess that leads to kidney problem…timely meals over and above all think positive and have sound night sleep of 8 hours (excess sleep is bad for health)in this rush world you are rushing a rush business, so you have to learn art of living with hygienic life(cleanliness is next to godliness)All the work and no play makes the jack a dull boy, if you can afford swimming that is the best exercise, but don’t ask me why Whales are fat even after swimming.
Huma Saroori

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