Healthcare in Jammu: A System, Business or Service? ‘Misplaced Amenities-Showing ways to move outside for better treatments’

Serious Study Report by:
Harbans S Nagokay
Among many important & high-priority outlined reforms, PM Narendra Modi targeted at the healthcare sector right from the day BJP issued its election manifesto in 2014 and even after formation of NDA Govt. at every 2nd / 3rd platform Prime Minister Modi stated that the his government would assure healthcare assistance to all Indians, and reduce the out-of-pocket spending on healthcare with the help of state governments. Along with this, PM also intended to focus on the key factors that are detrimental to our health, such as sanitation and drinking water, to help reduce the amount of water-borne diseases in the country.
Healthcare Minister of J&K, Bali Bhagat also found very keen over uprooting all private business & profit making dealings going on within Government set-ups and given the impressions of starting soon the apt implementation commencement of majority of schemes & programs like JAN AUSHADHI etc initiated by PM Modi.
Conflicting to all above, Principal of GMC-Jammu, Dr Z H Gilani, openly held responsible the present BJP-PDP led Government, as-well for its step-motherly kind of behaviour with Jammu region and in fact keenly apprised about underprivileged allocation of funds to Jammu hospitals, while interacting in an open debate at a live show TV program, few days back. The trend in the medical advancement of Jammu is in point of fact not so encouraging. It has been lagging behind most of the states and facilities available here and not even at-par with the neighbouring states of Punjab, Haryana & Himachal else Kashmir, if accepted. The healthcare system of Jammu has always been found in struggling phase as still majority either forced to wait till suffers to death for want of facilities & treatments and mainstream that can afford other way; advised else prefers to move outside state for availing world-class medical managements. What to talk of Government sector, majority among private sector also not established to the altitudes of providing better facilities to ailing communities not even to those who can manage to pay for. If truth be accepted, for every essential & cutting-edge medical treatment, one needs to move outside the state. This way; we are no-way going to meet PM Modi’s assurance of healthcare assistance to all Indians, and reduce the out-of-pocket spending on healthcare with the help of state governments.
If, PMC-GMC, Jammu be believed; unwanted referral cases and increasing work-load at GMC with inadequate staff strength alongside poor allocation
of funds to Jammu zone is the main reason behind all problems and
But, when investigated things are actually been found little better in Kashmir hospitals where majority among predictable cases can be well taken care at any point of time but still demands on its lacking capacities from handling mass casualties Contd. on page-2

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