Heavy rain exposes JMC’s monsoon preparedness

Waterlogged roads stall smooth working in and around city

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Jammu Tawi, July 12
The tall claims of Jammu Municipal Corporation of readiness for the monsoon season today got exposed with the first heavy rain of the season as waterlogged not only stalled the smooth working in the city but also left the ‘City of Temples’ stinking.
The areas like Canal Road, Bhagwati Nagar, Jewel Chowk, Talab Tillo, Krishna Nagar, Bakshi Nagar were the worst effected due to heavy rains that lashed the plains of Jammu for around 6 to 8 hours. Commuters faced hard time while walking due to waterlogged roads while the dumps and the garbage in the drains was seen floating on roads thus leaving the city stinking.
“This has not happened for the first time. In every monsoon season, we face similar condition and despite frequent requests and appeals, the concerned authorities have found no permanent solution of the nullah overflowing during the rainy season due to which the water enters the houses,” Balwan Singh, a shopkeeper in Bhagwati Nagar area said.
He lashed out at the government for not being serious in mitigating the problems being faced by the people and reiterated his demand of looking out for a solution so that they do not have to act as watchdog whole night when rain lashes.
Ravi Kumar, a shopkeeper at Canal Road said, “it is shameful that years have passed and one can see the same scene outside GGM Science College during rainy season.”
“It is really surprising that the JMC, JDA, Urban Development is comprised of expert engineers and mechanical people but despite they have failed to find a way out to water-logging in canal road area,” he said.
He however, said that fed up of routine and water entering shops thus damaging goods, the traders have ultimately, raised an entrance level of their shops.
Meanwhile the city roads wore shabby look soon after the rain lashed the plains in most of the parts, the connectivity was in shambles and the blacktopping had got completely damaged due to rain water, which has exposed the concerning department’s serious contribution towards development of Jammu City.

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