Here’s how technology can help you have hotter sex

Feb 27: Most people nowadays tend to believe that technology is ruining romantic relationships as couples tend to spend most of their time glued to their devices instead of enjoying each others company. But we argue that the fault lies not in the tool but in the user. In fact technology can actually help in enhancing your sex life.

If you are still confused then check out these top ways by which you can leverage technology to improve your sex life.


Couples, who diligently schedule activities together, ranging from breakfast to ‘naughty times’, are successful in fostering stronger relationships. Look at it like this – when you and your partner can plan your sex times in advance and then share reminders with each other, it actually makes the both of you eagerly anticipate for the ‘date’.


‘Sexting’ – sending flirty or dirty messages to each other via text or other apps, can help increase sexual excitement and build up desire in a relationship that might be feeling like a routine. And it doesn’t always have to be words – a sexy photo of yours can remain in your partner’s mind long after your last text.

Virtual sex toys

Virtual sex toys are devices that can be used to amp up your sexual pleasure via apps. Some of these virtual sex toys also feature recordable video chat. This is a very good option for couples in a long-distance relationship.

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