Heritage schools to convert into centres of excellence

The steps of state government for projecting Heritage schools are as centres of excellence in education is appreciated idea. With this idea, more and more students would enroll in these schools and education system in government schools will be improved. Already the education system in government schools is not as well as in private schools. But government’s this idea wherein Heritage schools will improve in all aspects will definitely provides best results. Authorities are offering best educational facilities in the form of highly-proficient faculty and modern teaching infrastructure. With this the teachers will be given the best training to teach the students as already government selected several teachers across the state and send them to outside the state for training with reputed educational institutions. Where teachers received best trainings from best trainers to teach and handle the students. Now in these schools, smart classrooms, computer labs, well-established laboratories for different streams, libraries having collection of rare books and above all, experienced and expert faculty on all subjects will be given to heritage schools. Education Minister, Naeem Akhter reviewed the performance of one of the heritage school namely Ranbir Higher Secondary School, underlined the need for using electronics, print and social media to give wide publicity to the idea. Ranbir Higher Secondary School, Jammu, which has a website and a Facebook page, was asked to use social media to project its achievements and facilities to enhance enrollment. However the publicity is a must to compete with private schools. Once done, people will come to know that this school has far better facilities than any other school in the city. Already this school had produced several personalities and people who had achieved outstanding feats in different fields. This school is still famous among the Jammuites. In Jammu and Kashmir the education is almost free, when these heritage government schools will provide the best education and will compete the private institutions then why people spend hefty money to private as compared to
government schools.

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