High Court directs for screening test of ReTs

Jammu and Kashmir High Court has directed the Government to hold screening test of those Rehbar-e-Taleems (ReT), Regular Rehbar-e-Taleems (RReT) and teachers who have obtained their degrees from Universities outside the State.
Court directed the Government to subject this class of teachers for screening test in the first instance and exempt those who have obtained their degrees within the State for the time being.
“Respondents shall subject only such type of ReTs/RReTs to screening test who constitute class with the person or persons whose capability was tested by the court”, adding “such type of persons shall be identified forthwith and they alone in the first instance shall be subjected to the screening test”, directed Justice MH Attar.
After the candidate failed to write an essay on ‘Cow’ in the open court, the High Court in the month of May last year had directed the Government to constitute a committee to look into such type of degrees which have caused hazardous to the society and find out all such degrees and then these candidates be asked to sit in screening test for adjudging their capabilities of teaching the students.
Court said that the Government misjudged the judgment and did not take it in its right perspective and in turn passed the order on 29.12.2015 wherein asking all ReTs/RReTs for introduction of screening test to assess their teaching abilities.
In back drop of judgment passed last year, it appears that Government did not conduct any survey which the Government was duty bound to do so in light of judgment to trace out the degrees of like nature which came under the cloud.
Court said: “The Government, it appears has not complied with the direction and in turn passed the impugned order” and further added “even before passing the impugned order, prima facie, it appears that no survey has been conducted about the teaching capabilities of ReTs/RReTs.”
Court further said that those teachers who have obtained their degrees through distance mode from the regularized or reputed institutions may not in the first instance be subjected to the screening test.
Court directed the Government to file the reply to the grounds taken in the writ petition and show reasons why the petition be not admitted and directed the Government order dated 29.12.15 be regulated and implemented as per the instant directions.
Underscoring the importance of education, court observed that human being reached to the zenith of humanity through process of learning and a person becomes an asset for the society by acquiring knowledge through process of learning for which court said ‘education is essential mode’.
Court further said that the profession of teaching is most noble and most respected profession but “unfortunately some black sheep in this community have converted this noble profession into money minting industry by obtaining dubious degrees through fraudulent study centers”.
Court also made emphasize on Government to enhance the teaching capabilities of the teachers by imparting continuous training to them as they (teachers) being the respectable members of the society.
The Jammu & Kashmir Rehbar-e-Taleem Teachers Forum through its chairman and secretary have approached the court with the grievance that the direction contained in the Government order dated 29.12.15 be quashed.
They further pray that the respondents be restrained from giving effect to the impugned order unless formal list of candidates who have obtained their degrees either though study center or by way of fraud is not prepared and published as per the mandate of judgment.

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