Hindi play ‘Chottay Log’ staged at Abhinav Theatre

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Jammu Tawi, April 26
Jackson Cultural Institute of Society on Wednesday staged Rajneesh Gupta’s Hindi play “Chottay Log” directed by Sapna Soni in five day Unison Theatre Festival organized by Unison Repertory, at Abhinav Theatre, Jammu. Sapna Soni adapted it in such a contemporary style that kept audience at the edge of their seats throughout the play. The play was a theatrical enchantment for the audience present in the auditorium who scrupulously liked the performance and commended at the incongruous ratio of the play. Actors’ performances were valued as they portrayed the characters in a very distinct way. The play depicted about that turn of life when it becomes unbearable due to unavoidable circumstances that a person wants to get rid of it at every cost. Sins committed by one make life deplorable for other.
Domestic violence, divorce, suicide create a deep impact on the innocent minds of the kids and they can become abnormal for life and become a burden for other family members. The play conveyed a very important message that tension and frustration environment must be built up in order to develop our children in a free and clean atmosphere. The play was about Suresh who is elder brother of a mad girl Malti and they had an ugly past when their mother ran away from the house killing their father. The incident left a deep effect on Malti and she became mad. As the play moves on, it unfolds various events. It becomes unbearable for Suresh to bring up young Malti as she had physical problems.
The life of Suresh becomes so miserable that he murders his mad sister, but due to strong affection and love does not bear it and becomes mad himself.
The actors who acted in the play included Abhay Rajput as Suresh, Sapna Soni as Malti. Kusum Tikku played the role of Indu where Shammi Damir played the character of Kukki.
Arun Gandotra acted as Shekhar. Music was scored by Sandeep Verma. Lights were executed by Rajesh Raina. Costumes were designed by Kusum Tikku while make-up by Shammi Damir.
Arun Gandotra arranged the properties.

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