Hindi Play ‘Widows’ staged in Unison Theatre Festival

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Jammu Tawi, April 28
Based on collective allegory of courage against political coercion, Unison Repertory in collaboration with Amateur Theatre Group staged Hindi Play “Widows” written by Ariel Dorfman, translated in Hindi by Rajeshwer Singh Raju, directed by Ifra Kak on the concluding calendar day of 5-Day Theatre Festival organized by Union Repertory at Abhinav Theatre, here. The director of the play, Ifra Kak modified it in such an existing mode that stuck the viewers present in the auditorium at the periphery of their spaces all the way through the play. Actors’ performances were treasured as they rendered the typescript in exceptionally divergent manner.
The play portrayed a lecture that how power really works and how it can be made to work in a different way. The foremost prominence in the play was given on the rigorous actor’s training and performances presented as Fringe performance. Located in a Greek village in 1942 and purportedly written from his imagination by a Danish man before he was picked up by the Gestapo and not seen again, Ariel Dorfman’s haunting and universal parable of individual courage in the face of political oppression. Widows forms a testament to the disappeared-those living under totalitarian regimes the world over, who are taken away for “questioning” and never return. The plot of the play begins with the bodies of men wash up on the shore of the river one by one, where they are claimed by the women of the local town as husbands and fathers, even though the faces of the dead men are unrecognizable. A tug-of-war ensues between the local police, who insist that the women couldn’t possibly recognize their loved ones and the women demanding the right to bury their beloveds. As it evolves, the stand-off reveals itself to be a power struggle between love, dignity and honor and the lesser god of brute force. Based on different themes, an assortment of theatre groups of Jammu has showcased innumerable palette of talents and styles of theatre to make it an experience of flavors and features in the Unison Theatre Festival.
Amateur Theatre Group artists who acted in the play were Tovin Kumar as Sofia, Sandeep Verma as Alexendra, Sanam Sudan as Cecilia, Ankit Sharma as Fidelia, Mohit Singh Chib as Teresa, Shanaya Khanna as Yanina, Sunaina Kumari as Aurat, Sunil Sharma as Captain, Vinay Daggar as Lieutenant, Vivek Sangotra as Emanual, Dhruv Sharma as Alex, Jagjeet Singh as Doctor, Susheel Raina as Father Gabriel, Abhay Rajput as Philip Kastoria, Manica Biloria as Kastoria and Muzamil Khan as Alanso. The Chorus was played on the stage by Ashish Koul, Shilakha Sharma, Adil Sheikh, Mohit Purie and Sarbaaz Rangraiz. Sandeep Verma was assistant director where Rajat Gupta and Mohit Chib were incharge of the set. Ankit Sharma and Sanam Sudan were incharge of property. Sunaina Kumari held the charge costumes. and Mushtaq Kak designed the music. Pankaj Sharma designed the lights where Tara Chand and Sham were light assistants.

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