Hindu organizations dismayed over Kashmir discussion in RS

Vinod Kumar

Various Hindu organization in Jammu are dismayed over the discussion of prevailing situation of Kashmir in both houses of the parliament, especially Rajya Sabha, wherein members did not mention hindrances caused to the annual Amarnath yatra during this turmoil.

Accusing the parliamentarians of ‘deliberately’ not touching Amarnath yatra hindrance, Hindu organizations said that this is disrespect to the lakhs of devotees who had suffered during this turmoil.

Talking to Newspoint VHP state vice president-Rajesh Gupta said that this is unfortunate that parliamentarians, who had touched minutest of the things happening in Kashmir valley, but they did not touch the important Amarnath Yatra, which has been highly affected due to this turmoil.

“Our sympathies are with the people who had lost their lives in Kashmir, but this all drama in Valley is politically motivated to disturb the annual Amarnath yatra and those elements have succeeded in hindering the yatra by entailing fear among devotees,” said Gupta, adding the unfortunate part is that the parliamentarians thoroughly discussed Kashmir issue, but no one talked about hindrances caused to the Amarnath Yatra.

“Not even a single member in Rajya Sabha talked about attacks on yatries, damage on yatra buses, hampering of yatra at various spots and moreover problems to the devotees stranded on highways,” he questioned.

He said that all the Hindu organizations are deeply hurt with the conduct of members of Rajya Sabha. “Despite being people of wisdom, the members of Rajya Sabha downplayed the importance of Amarnath Yatra, which has hurt the sentiments of the people across the nation,” he said, “We are happy that different aspects of the Kashmir situation were discussed in Rajya Sabha, but this issue also needed notice, as whatever is happening in Kashmir comes during annual yatra, therefore discussion on yatra was must.”

The Hindu organizations including Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena, Shri Ram Sena, Vishav Hindu Parishad, Rashtriyawadi Shiv Sena and Dogra Front have taken strong note of the issue and have decided to approach high command of the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) to have their response over the matter.

Meanwhile, they have also demanded that the issue of Amarnath yatra should be taken up and discussed in the upcoming All Party Meet, to be held on August 12.


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