Holding talks with voices of dissent essence of democracy: Tarigami

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Srinagar, April 29
Upping the ante at central government over its assertions in the Supreme Court (SC) that it can’t hold dialogue with separatists in Kashmir, lone CPI (M) MLA Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami said holding talks with voices of dissent is the essence of democracy.
“The best option recognised by the civilized world to settle disputes is the process of dialogue as violence only leads to death and destruction. Dialogue is the internationally recognised process to sort out the issues/differences. Even those countries which have been on war path with each other, finally settle the issues only when they sit on negotiations table,” Mr Tarigami said.
Expressing dismay and surprise over the stand taken by Attorney General of India in the apex court, the CPI (M) leader said, “New Delhi’s stand that it will talk only when there is peace is similar to a doctor asking a patient to get well first and then he will treat him. Only answer to end the violence is dialogue. Making excuses and running away from dialogue process should not be the trait of a state. Hearing the voices of dissent and holding dialogue with them is the only option.”
“The necessity of the dialogue arises when issues despite adopting other means remain unresolved. Even family, community, regional and other disputes at the end are resolved though dialogue only. To make it conditional is virtually running away from the intent to resolve the issues. Despite wars and violence in different forms, the issue has remained lingering on since last 70-years and sufferings of people have increased manifold,” Mr Tarigami said.
Death and destruction has virtually taken over and the saner voices have become the causality. How to get rid of this unfortunate situation is a question which needs immediate response from those who are in power. CPI (M) has been consistently advocating initiating of a credible process of dialogue with all stake-holders including those outside the democratic frame. Any delay is fraught with serious consequences,” he added.

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