How to whiten your nails – follow these quick steps

March 12: Tired of the greyish hue on top of your nails? We have some quick tips to turn them back white. Yes- clear, white nails are a possession that every girl wants to have. And these days, with the costs of nail paints shooting up, and the kind of busy life – it’s hard to maintain polished nails.

Moreover, many women still prefer to keep their nails free from colour, only if their nails appeared white all the times.

Follow these instructions to make your nails white.

Apply whitening toothpaste:

Take a brush and apply some whitening toothpaste on it and brush your nails with it. It may not show immediate results, but doing it over some time will definitely fetch good results.

Lemon juice:

Lemon juice mixed with baking soda could do wonders to your nails. Take a bowl pour some lemon juice in it and mix baking soda until it becomes a paste. Then apply the paste on your nails.

Denture cleaner:

Denture cleaner are available at the chemists and can be used for making nails white. You can put a couple of denture cleaner tablets in warm water and then immerse your fingers inside it. Wait for at least five minutes.

Nail whitening pencils:

There are plenty of nail whitening pencils available at the cosmetic shops or you could buy some online. You could buy a manicure kit for best effect.

Base coat:

Remember a base coat while applying any nail paint is very useful in keeping the original sheen of the nails.


Keep your hands neat and soft. In winters, hands tend to grow dry so apply nice moisturiser to keep the moisture intact and for keep feeling fresh.

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