Hurriyat leaders ready for talks

After failing to continue violent protests in the Kashmir valley, Hurriyat leaders now calling off the strikes and showing interest to talks with central government over Kashmir issue. After a huge gap, now they can understand only talks are the only option left for them to settle down the dispute which they erupted with the help of Pakistan in the valley. Already after conducting more than four long months protests, Hurriyat found nothing expect humiliation among the people not of the valley but of the whole country.
Even when Prime Minister Narendra Modi played a master stroke for demonetisation of certain currency notes, the backbone of Hurriyat leaders was broken and they have nothing left. So they decided to call off the strike and give signal to central government for talks. Now its on the central government to resume talks or not as they already send a team to Valley to meet and talk with them but they (Hurriyat) ignore them and didn’t even meet them. Now the same Hurriyat leaders are dropping the hints through SK Sinha led panel that they are ready to hold talks. It’s an important fact that Hurriyat also starts developing crack when pressure is applied, which hitherto was not happening,” said a senior official. Sources said Hurriyat was living in the world of the Congress culture which did succumb to the pressure but they are now realizing the new facts though in a hard way.
Even their sympathizer, Pakistan has also given signal to the Hurriyat Conference leaders to start engaging with the Modi government as it is also feeling the pinch after hard retaliation by the India along the LoC. It’s the same set of the Hurriyat leaders, who had publicly announced before the team of then interlocutors, appointed by the UPA govt, that talks will be held only if India accepts that Kashmir is a dispute. Even if Sinha doesn’t have a mandate of the government but he does have saying and clout in the power corridors. And though he has fallen with the PM Modi. But, it can also his plus point in engaging with the separatists that he is not a point person of the government . So, if he is saying that Hurriyat is ready for the talks, then it does mean that Hurriyat has finally succumbed to pressure of the Modi government.

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