Hurriyat playing another game

Hurriyat leaders are all set to play another innings in the Kashmir valley to resume their unwanted struggle against the government and this time they targeted Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti for her schemes and development across the state.This is not the first time when hurriyat leaders are targeting the sucessive governments in the valley but this time they criticized the CM for her multiple schemes which she has given to the people of state on the name of scooty for girls and Ujala schemes. This shows how hurriyat leaders are scared from the government that with the launching of schemes their (hurriyats) propaganda for criticizing the government is prove to be failed among the public. That’s why they are plotting some other game to defame the government and take benefit of their own. The people in general should understand the agenda that these hurriyat leaders that they are doing their own politics for their benefits and make their bosses (who are in Pakistan) happy, they are playing with the sentiments of the people of valley.These leaders don’t want progress they only want the future of kashmiri students in dark.However, they ridiculing the state administration for their scotty and Ujala schemes, said it is ridiculous that “those responsible for snatching eyesight from innocents are trying to lure innocent masses through these lollypops.
” Even the Hurriyat accused the government of adding salt to the injuries of the people through such incentives.” Which is a matter of concern for government but authorities should launch such a drive and with the help of social media government should also defame them among the public not across the state but also among the whole country. As the hurriyats are adding salt to our already sore injuries and making a fun of innocent blood of our martyrs. Even the development and construction “is not a priority for subjugated nations but we as custodians of unparalleled sacrifices rendered by our youth are obliged to pursue the footprints of our martyrs.” Hurriyat said that “rulers have always used the slogan of development and construction as a tool to befool masses but it is not more than a political gimmick and they are coining all these slogans to derive pleasure from the berths of seat and power.”
Already the government is struggling to restore normalcy in Kashmir while the CM is personally making efforts in giving benefits to the people. During the unrest Mehbooba distributed scooties among college girls across the state. “This is really sad that benevolent gestures are being ridiculed through words like lollypop. What if government makes a similar candy remarks against him (Geelani)?”. In reality separatists have been selling lollipops to the innocent people of Kashmir.

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