I don’t want to come across as a pretty looking girl: Disha Patani

Her debut Bollywood film ‘MS Dhoni: The Untold Story’ is yet to hit the screens but actress Disha Patani is already determined to cement herself in the industry as a performer and not just a ‘pretty looking girl’.
Disha, who already has a host of advertisements in her kitty, shot to fame with a music video featuring Tiger Shroff, released earlier this year.
The actress says she was constantly getting offers for commercial roles in films, even before the music video, all of which she turned down as they were not challenging her to begin her acting career as a ‘performer’.
“I don’t want to come across as a pretty looking girl. Because it is very easy, wear good clothes, wear good make-up, and you’ll look good. I know my abilities.
“I know I can do action, dance, but these are the areas I want to go later because I know I can do well in that. Performance is one thing which has to be good because you’re an actor,” Disha told in an interview.
The 21-year-old actress does not have anything against commercial movies, but says being restricted to a mere “showpiece” is something which she is not comfortable with.
“I want to do good work. I don’t want to be an eye candy. I don’t mind doing commercial films. Who doesn’t want to do a good dance film? But only where I have a
strong character.
“Not just be there like a showpiece in the film. That’s something I want to stay away from. I know it is too early in my career to ask for, my first film isn’t out yet, but it’s something I believe in,” she said.
Disha, who already made her Telugu film debut last year and enjoys good fan following, is very clear that she doesn’t want to chase stardom.
“I don’t want to become a star. I never wished to become an actor, even when I am here. When you decide to become an actor, you’ve to choose why you’re doing it.
“Are you doing it to become an actor or because you want to be famous? I am doing it because I love being in front of the camera,” she revealed.

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