Impact of Movies on society

Dear Editor,

Movies have both positive as well as negative impact on the Indian society. The most important contribution has of course been the entertainment. The emotional dramas with some great screenplays has been blockbusters. Many a times Indian cinema has remained a place where, people usually forget about their miseries, a dream where there is no poverty and people are living a happy life.

Films have played an important role in the integrity of the nation. It is the only platform, where people from different culture, languages could be seen. Films reflect the true face of the society. Nowadays it has become a trend to make films on some social issues. Moreover, this is the only platform where women are given equal opportunity.

Today, as the business shifts from small town to cities with the multi-screen mall culture, Indian films have changed their profile from farmer-centric backdrop to rich bungalows. It continues to impact society by showing requisite location or bodies which remain an inspiration to the young who wants to be rich and is running faster than the other in the process of social capillarity.


Taniya Mahajan

Gangyal, Jammu



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