In Gulmarg , Government To Take Over The Hotels

Hotel owners in Gulmarg, a famous tourist spot of J&K which receives lakhs of tourists from all over the world have started worrying as the government of J&K has initiated the process of issuing the notice of lease expiry and talking over the hotels. As per the sources till now the government has taken over 70 hotels. From now onwards these hotel owners will run the hotels as caretakers. The lease period of these hotels has already expired in 2018-19 and the government is not extending the lease period again.

According to the reports, many hotels have allegedly occupied kanals of land with any government permission and after the Roshni Land Scam, the High Court of J&K has directed the government to retrieve the public land which these hotels have encroached.

According to the hotel owners and workers, they have approached the administration in the past two years to extend the lease period of the hotels but all in vain. The administration however has asked the hotel owners to take the bookings for the winter season.

CEO Gulmarg said that ” the hotels will function like earlier and no hotel owner is asked to stop taking bookings”. “We are following the orders of the High Court” he added.

Now the question arises that in the pressure by the High Court will the Government of J&K extend the lease period for 50 or 90 or 100 years or the government will take over the hotels.