In Kashmir , 14 Month old Baby’s brain damaged by doctor, family demands justice

A 14 month old baby girl named Zikra belonging to Aali Kadal, who was undergoing treatment in ASG Hospital, Qamarwari, Srinagar has damaged her brain due to overdose of anaesthesia by the doctors.

According to her mother, Zikra faced a problem of teary eyes after her birth and was suggested to undergo eye scrunching but could never make a movement after that.

She said “After my daughter’s teary eyes condition, doctor adviced to massage her eyes. On no improvement, she went through eye scrunching which was for 5 minutes, as told by Doctor Aadil of ASG Hospital. Unexpectedly, the scrunching went for 1.5 hours. They gave anaesthesia to her although I had warned them. After scrunching, she weighed more than normal. I was tensed. An employee was constantly checking her and found out her heartbeat to be less.”

“She couldn’t move. Doctor ensured her to be alright but on my appeal, they took her to LD. No ambulance was provided. They brought a car from some trust and directly shifted her in an ICU. After 5 days, when she became conscious, she was numb! My child could not talk. The only movement was of her left eyeball. After that we went to PGI and till now we have been shifting from one hospital to the other (cries). I went for treatment and they gave me a living dead body.” She added.

The mother longs to hear her name from her little baby girl. She requested for justice for her child.

“No treatment is there for my child’s problem. I could have talked about this before but had no time. I just want other children to be aware of this. I want justice.” She appealed.

The family members of Zikra protested at Press colony, Srinagar to demand justice for her condition.