Inadequate Exercise of State Transport Department: PAPA

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Jammu Tawi, February 10

Finally, after approval of new draft of “State Road Safety Policy” from the Governor of state, J&K state transport department publicized the same for comments of stakeholders & the general public but it seems an inadequate exercise despite valuable suggestion  of  Governor for seeking public opinion, observed by the non government organization namely “People’s Action & Public Accountability-PAPA”. As usual, the said exercise is based on the prevailing dummy culture of our so-called political governments and their puppet bureaucratic lot who certainly lack the needed seriousness, it alleged.

To us, the “State Road Safety Policy” would have framed much earlier in view of unlimited road accidents but even then it can be termed as “Jahan Jago Wahin Savera”, PAPA observed. In fact, this vital issue is based on the so-called working of so many agencies of our corrupt system including RTOs of transport department, PWD, PDD, health department, Judiciary & state police but it is very much sure that no coordination was ever noted within the said departments, PAPA alleged. Honestly speaking, the absence of said coordination is in fact responsible for the unlimited human loss, it added.

Before seeking the views of stakeholders and general public towards new exercise of  “State Road Safety Policy” state transport would have published the at least three years data of road accidents within state and the reasons behind to make it meaningful   but it seems that such an important information was not collected by the department, PAPA expressed. We shall insist the state Chief secretary and the state transport department for purposeful initiatives towards the needed corrections otherwise it will be an incomplete exercise, PAPA concluded.

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