Income of AIK increases by four folds, Monitoring and transparency on the peak:- Administrator

Auqaaf Islamia Kishtwar showed a historical U-turn in its income by touching the new heights during present month.   As per the balance sheet issued for the month of May 2016 ,the income from both kind and cash heads in Ziyarat Sharief Faridiya (RA) ,Ziyarat Sharief Asraria (RA)  and Ziyarat Sharief Bhandharkoot has been shown as Rs  5.43 lacs  ,Rs 4.06lacs and Rs 1.19 lacs  in a single month respectively which is more then four times figures of the previous year I.e . as compared to income in May 2015.    However , the income from Friday donations /gifts for Markazi Jamia Masjid has been shown as  Rs  2.76 lacs .   It has further  been mentioned that the income has increased by four  folds in the month of May 2016 for the waqaf ziyaraat.    As per the details available ,It is being viewed seriously by the public of kishtwar that  since then Dr Khalid Malik ( ACR Kishtwar) has been assigned the charge of new Administrator Auqaaf Islamia Kishtwar ,the income in Waqaf Ziyarat have shown a sudden upward trend  even in the lean seasons which speaks volumes about the monitoring and tranparency measures of the past and  initiated  by the new incumbent from feberuary 2016 onwards.   Reading between the lines, the balance sheet reflects six  fold increase in the items of kind offerings like livestock etc  offered at the holy shrines.   Dr Khalid Malik when contacted stated that the Markazi Jamia Masjid kishtwar will become the most modern  masjid of J&K state after the installation of  central airconditioning system (VFA) on the pattern of Masjid-e Nabvi and Masjid-e-Al-Haram  which will become functional from 10th of May onwards after the O-General (Japan) campany hands over the dream project.    Dr Malik further said this  will ease out  the worshippers from the problem of suffocation during taraaweeh hours in holy Ramazaan .   The air conditioning system will be installed at the cost of Rs 21.50 lacs which will have the capacities of cooling down and heating up the grand masjid in the summer and winter seasons  respectively with in 15 minutes period.

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