India Gate photogs try to sell ‘Selfie with John’!

It was around 12:30pm on Thursday afternoon when the tourists and locals visiting India Gate got a pleasant surprise at the Rajpath lawns. Before they knew it, John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha, both dressed in olive green Force 2 T-shirts and military-print trousers arrived to pay their respects to martyrs. A crowd gathered and started cheering for the actors as they made their way to Amar Jawan Jyoti. The gathered fans tried all possible ways to get a glimpse, or maybe a photo, but the crowd became so unmanageable that the actors left the venue in a few minutes. Soldiers are our real heroes: John
To show respect to soldiers, John and Sonakshi’s T-shirts had the message ‘Respect The Indian Forces’. John said, “The soldiers are our real heroes. And our film is inspired by the true incidents from lives of soldiers who have faced the enemy on the battlefield.” Sonakshi, who got emotional, said, “While working on this film, I found out about the sacrifices that our soldiers have made for the country. My awareness has increased. We had always wished to come to Amar Jyoti and pay our tribute to the soldiers. And when you come to such a place and you meet soldiers then you realise who are the real heroes of the country. I am very happy to be here today.”
The photographers at India Gate made some failed attempts to make a profit out of the star visit. They shouted ‘John ke saath selfie’ , ‘Frame mein Sonakshi’. However the public seemed smart enough to rely on their smartphones and kept pushing the security and the media to get a photo with the actors in the background. Sanjay, a photographer said, “I found out half an hour back that John and Sonakshi would be coming for some event at India Gate. Ek policewale ne bataya, and I asked people to get their photo clicked with the cast, but rather than asking me to get their photo clicked they started pushing others to get closer and click a selfie.”
The India Gate photographers clicked whatever they could in the limited time. Vikas, another photographer, said, “I have clicked many frames of John and Sonakshi and I can ask people now to get a photo clicked and I can photoshop it later. Bahut log toh inki photo ke hi paise de denge. For tourists, it will be a proof that they were present when Bollywood actors were at India Gate. Sabko yeh mauka kahan milta hai?” Those who were not able to get a picture clicked with the star cast got their photos clicked with the jawans standing outside Amar Jawan Jyoti, who happily posed for photos.

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