India, Pak should resolve issues through dialogue: NC

Opposition National Conference leader Tanvir Sadiq today said that the element of “suspicion and hostility” between India and Pakistan should be removed and the two countries should sit across table to resolve their differences.
“I don’t think there is anybody in the right mind who would not want dialogue…We tried all other alternatives to resolve our differences with Pakistan. We fought wars, we suspended dialogue, but the closest we have come to resolving our differences is when India and Pakistan have been talking to each other, either during (Atal Bihari) Vajpayee’s time or during Manmohan Singh’s time.
“And, therefore, the National Conference hopes that this sort of element of suspicion and hostility, that has crept into our relation, can gradually be done away with,” Sadiq told a visiting US delegation at his downtown residence here.
The US diplomats included Political Affairs head David P Arulanantham, Political Unit Chief Office of Indian Affairs Michael Rosenthal and Political Advisor to US Embassy Dinesh Dubey.
“When the relations of two countries become unfriendly, the effects are directly on the people of the state – when firing starts – when shelling starts – we people become the target – Our people have to leave their homes and lands,” Sadiq said.
He said the atmosphere which is being created was not a good thing.
“A threat after threat is given. Rather than creating a good atmosphere, things are getting worse, both India and Pakistan should stop their guns on the borders and resolve the issues through dialogue.
“They should stop their guns on both the sides then there will be some betterment in the situation and we will make a forward movement on talks. We all know that there is no solution to this issue than talks,” he added.

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