India- Pakistan border to soon have a concrete wall: Sources

To keep a control on the increasing tensions at the border, The Narendra Modi government is mulling to take serious and extreme steps. If sources are to believed, a strong wall will soon be constructed at the Indo-Pak border, just like Israel and Philistine border in order to check the cross border terrorism.

According to the sources, Home Minister Rajnath Singh will complete the wall in next nine to ten months.

Home Minister on Friday will hold a meeting with the Chief Ministers of the states falling on the India and Pakistan border like Punjab, Gujarat and Jammu and Kashmir in Jaisalmer.

The Home Minister will brief the states on the same. Also, the recommendations put forth by the Madhukar Committee will also be put on the table.

If the idea of making a wall at the border is bought to reality, it will be the first ever construction of a solid wall at the border.

Also, to ensure security at the adjoining lakes and rivers, laser technology will be used to make a virtual electric wall.


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