India Questions China On Ladakh Peace Plan

The engagement between the Indian Army and the Chinese PLA which started in June is not coming to end. Both the forces are not ready to leave their positions. The Chinese Army has already infiltrated into the Indian territory many times so the Indian Army this time is giving no chance to the Chinese troops to come to the Indian Side. Since there is no news about the engagements but the question arises when will both Armies go back to their actual posts? China is adopting all the possibilities to move Indian Soldiers back to their actual post.

The Chinese government has demanded that India should first move back from the Pangong lake so that the process of de-escalation can start. The Indian government has already declared that all further proceedings will go under the policy of first come – first go. Talking about the Ladakh peace plan India has also asked the Chinese government when they are calling their army back to their actual post but China hasn’t answered yet. Till now around 10 rounds of talks between India and China have taken place but no de-escalation has taken place.

According to the senior officials, the process of de-escalation or dis-engagement can’t take place during the winters. Due to the heavy snowfall on the mountains, the soldiers have to be deployed there only and there is hardly any chance that a window will open for the process, officials said. Talking about the temperature in Ladakh is falling day-by-day. During nights the temperature falls from minus 10 degrees Celsius to minus 12 degrees Celsius. During the day time also the temperature remains down only.