Indian Chieftain Dark Horse review: A highway cruiser with luxury and performance

There’s a certain charm that big, fully dressed up cruisers, or baggers, exude that makes you want to throw on a leather jacket and hit the open road. Wishful daydreams aside, Indian has added yet another model to its bagger series, the Chieftain Dark Horse, which makes wanderlust so real. But is riding it as meditative an experience as other motorcycles from the Indian stable?
Spotting the Chieftain Dark Horse in the distance may make you question why there’s a land boat approaching you. It sits almost 8.5 feet long and weighs a behemoth 377kg! Starting at the front, you get this sleek, solid-looking front mudguard with the signature illuminated Native American Indian chief’s head. Atop the front wheel sits a positively bulbous fairing that ensures your upper body is completely free of any stray windblast. To ensure even further wind protection, there is a height-adjustable, electronically controlled windscreen.
The simple, elegant tank gets a central strip that has a large start-stop power button. It gets a supremely comfortable single seat, with the backrest and pillion seat available as add-ons. The solid, chiseled, rear fender looks
rather regal too.

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