India’s Global Innovation Index ranking improves from 81 to 46 at present

Global Innovation Index ranking

Recently , India has climbed to whooping 35 spots and has been ranked 46th in the Global Innovation Index .

In a virtual interaction with all the major startups in India be it related to food, agriculture or technology PM Modi has announced January 16 to be celebrated as ‘Start up Day’.

In this ongoing interaction he updated people about the improved ranking of India in the ‘Global Innovation Index’ from 81 in 2015 to 46 at present .

The Global Innovation Index (GII) is a ranking of countries as per their success and capacity in innovation. It is published yearly by the World Intellectual Property Organization .

In his address PM said ” India’s startup ecosystem is continuously discovering and improving itself”. ” It is in a constant state of learning and changing ” he further added.

Highlighting the increased number of educational institutions i.e more than 1000 universities, above 11,000 stand alone institutions , over 42,000 colleges and lakhs of schools in India are some of the major milestones India has managed to achieve in the past few years.

In a further boost to Innovation and technology more than 9,000 ‘ Atal Tinkering labs ‘ have been established across various educational institutes in India in the recent past.

PM said it will go a long way in making India and its youth more innovative and well equipped with technology.

On the top of that will definately contribute in growing our economy and facilitating new developments.

According to the reports, Pakistan has managed to secure 99th rank out of 132 economies. Poor literacy rate and lower expenditure on innovation being the topmost reason for such a disturbing performance.