Industrial pollution, grave environmental threat

Several industrial units at Gangyal, Jammu are polluting environment by releasing smoke from its chimneys, causing ill-effect on the health of the people residing in its vicinity. When industry was established, then the area was having thin population but with the passage of time and with vast expansion of Jammu city, several colonies have mushroomed around the industrial areas and at present, this industrial area is almost in the centre of thick population.
Above all, Pollution Control Board (PCB) is also not performing its duties sincerely and the issue has been raised by several local organizations from time to time for industrial units established in several parts of Jammu province.
Since several colonies with vast population have come-up around industrial units and it is advisable that these industrial units be shifted to isolated places away from thickly populated places.
Earlier industries used to be small factories which produced smoke as the main pollutant but when these factories became full scale industries and manufacturing units, the issue of industrial pollution gained prominence. Industrial pollution has become a grave issue in the recent years and with agencies sitting back on issues of grave importance. In Jammu and Kashmir, the main cause of industrial pollution is lack of policies to control pollution, unplanned industrial growth, use of outdated technology, presence of large number of small scale industries and inefficient waste disposal.
It is not out of place to mention here that several industrial units fail to observe pollution norms and cause grave damage to the people. Industrial pollution is leading to water, soil and Air pollution apart from extinction of wildlife.
There is no doubt that development is needed for human beings but development at the cost of the people would prove to be very dangerous. Either a Gangyal Industrial unit should be shifted to safer places or strict mechanism has to be evolved both by Industrial units and PCB to minimize industrial pollution.
So far nobody has raised the issue but days are not far away but when people residing around Gangyal Industrial Units would start feeling bad effects of pollution in various forms. Both air and water are essential for survival of human being. If both starts polluting and causing ill effect on the health of people, then there is need to review industrial growth in the area.
It is desirable to shift industries to an isolated from the thickly populated areas. In case, it is not possible, then the state Pollution Control Board (PCB) or other concerned agencies should enforce rules strictly so that minimum industrial pollution is the result. Development is very much needed but not at the cost of health of the employees.
The proverb, a stitch in time save nine holds good here. Government has to review industrial pollution sooner or later.

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