‘Influential’ drug mafia mounts pressure on team ‘ANANDD’

Vishal Sharma

Frustrated over the stringency employed by the Jammu and Kashmir police against drug peddling under operation Sanjaveeni, ‘influential’ drug mafia has now resorted to mounting pressure on team ‘ANANDD’ (Anti-Narcotic & Drugs) forcing them to remain ‘neutral’.

Highly placed sources informed Newspoint that perplexed with the unabated arrest of drug peddlers, busting of drug cartels and seizure of large quantity of narcotics, the drug mafia is now trying to mount pressure over the team ANANDD and all other police officers who are active in anti-drug drives.

Sources disclosed that to pressurize the anti-drug teams, the influential mafia is approaching several politicians and bureaucrats, who are advocating these peddlers and suggesting police officers active in field to ‘remain soft on the drug peddlers’.

Not only this, the influential mafia is also having strong linkup within the police department taking advantage of which they are pressuring the team to either slow down its activities or be selective in their raids.

“Though, despite the pressure from all the spheres, team ANANDD is working swiftly as the team is continuously seizing large quantity of drugs and psychotropic substances across the Jammu besides making frequent arrests which have crossed 150 this year till now,” sources added.

They said that even the team is being targeted both directly and indirectly by these well-wishers of drug mafia both within and outside the department owing to which the police officers are facing hardships while carrying anti-drug operations.

Pertinent to mention here that as per records available till June 31, 2016 a total of 93 FIRs under Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act were registered by the police along with 136 arrests while in 2015, a total of 99 FIRs were registered in the entire year under NDPS Act in which 163 arrests were made.

IN the year 2014, the number of FIRs registered under NDPS Act was 63 with 85 arrests while in 2013; just 60 FIRs were registered under NDPS Act with only 79 arrests.

During the last six months; a huge haul of drugs was also seized from drug peddlers in Jammu district which included 21.8 Kg Heroin (Chitta), 3 Kg Brown Sugar, 32 Kg Charas, 57Kg Ganja, 105 Kg Poppy Straw, 25000 capsules, 2000 Bottles Corex syrup, 107 Kg Opium and 85 Bottles Fenadryl cough syrup.

Figures are enough to understand that why the drug mafia is moving from pillar to post for survival of its illegal trade but unfortunately the pressure from inside, political corridors and bureaucracy is somewhere hampering the process and at the same time is encouraging the drug mafia.

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