Influential rule the roost

It would not be perhaps wrong to say that Jammu and Kashmir is reeling under worst ever menace of corruption and nepotism, wherein rich and influential are getting plum posts, while as deserving and capable is biting dust.

Despite tall claims of the state government of implementing strict transfer policy, especially in the higher education, the hands of the government seems to be falling shorts to reach influential relatives of the politicians and senior police officers, who are enjoying plum posts for the past several years.

For instance, wives of some senior police officers are enjoying the post of lecturer in city colleges for the past more than five years. “There are at least five to six police officers, who had managed to adjust their wives in the city colleges. The clout of the police officers is as such that despite claims of stringent implementation of transfer policy, no official dictum can uproot wives of these influential police cops,” said sources, adding that the wives of these police officers also brag about their clout in the colleges and interfere in the working of the administration, with the assurance that they will not be touched, even if they do anything wrong.

Meanwhile, talking about certain privileges to the relatives of these police officers, sources said that despite non-performing the relatives enjoy top position in the government department, be it police department, educational institutes or any other department.

If sources are to be believed, the families of even the retired police officers are enjoying influence. “Children of many retired police officers are working on plum posts on the Jammu and Kashmir, despite not qualifying the set criteria,” sources said and added that owing to their loyalties to the politicians, they managed to get plum posts and postings for their kiths and kins.


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