Injured in Pakistan firing, 14-month-old Pari battling for life

Nagender Jamwal
Little did this 14-month-old Pari know that she had to battle for life at this age. She had no idea she would be target of Pakistan’s ugly and inhuman deeds.
Injured in Pakistan firing, Pari is battling for life at Government Medical College (GMC).
The minor had already lost her grandfather, an aunt and two cousins in Pakistan shelling on her village in Rangoor camp on November 1, 2016 but miraculously, she survived with severe injuries and underwent a life saving surgery at the GMC hospital. While Pari is battling for her life in the hospital, her father, Rakesh Kumar, who was also injured in the attack, is recovering in the same hospital.
One of the relative of minor said that this is a tragedy for the family who had already lost so many family members during Pakistan shelling and firing and now this minor who is battling for life in GMC.
Doctors who are attending minor Pari said that she received severe splinter injuries in the neck, spine and abdomen and on some portions of her intestines which were also damaged. She has been operated for “Exploratory Latropomy” and has been placed under observation in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Another relative of
minor said, “The attack on our village was sheer barbarianism unleashed by the Pakistani Rangers. They continued to pound our village for several hours, without giving us any time to run for safety. Pari is a living testimony of all this.”
“Pari’s father has not been able to see her. He is injured in the leg. We had to lift him on our shoulders so that he could perform the last rites of his father.”
Whole Jammu has been praying for early recovery of Pari as she has become a symbol of the agony and pain being faced by the border residents across the region due to the continuous firing from across the border.

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