Innovative ideas will solve Kashmir issue

The ideas and suggestion of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of the Art of Living wherein he claimed that only think tankers from all over the society come forward and give some innovative ideas for the solution of Kashmir problem is really appreciated among the public. Even the people of Kashmir especially the youth are fed up of the continuing violence and the youth have been caught between strikes and curfews. Valley people want peace and normalcy in their region but with the fear of guns from some anti-elements they won’t raise their voices. Some anti-forces who are busy in luring the younger generation of valley to indulge in stone pelting is the biggest threat to the growth of valley as they have full support from neighbouring country. India who always think for the betterment of all over the nations across the world but in its own state, there is some forces who don’t want peace and progress. To give them proper reply, there is dire need of some think tanks who will come forward under one plat form and give some innovative ideas to improve the situation of Kashmir. First of all divert the mindset of Kashmiri youth to not to come under the influence of anti-forces and concentrate their mindset in education which is the best tool for their better future. The decade-old strategies would no longer work and there was a dire need of out-of-the-box initiatives to involve all stakeholders, intellectuals for everlasting solution to end the cycle of violence. As per his (Sri Sri) thinking only the people of Kashmir could find an everlasting solution for themselves as he has no readymade mantra to bring peace in Kashmir, but there is immediate requirement of new think tank to launch a platform to involve diverse stakeholders to share their views on the current situation and ponder over a peaceful solution. There are several youth who left the path of violence and diverted their mind towards progress not for themselves but for their nation. The separatists who are no longer more to instigate the youth of the valley to indulge in violence as with the appearance of large number of youth in the recent examinations held last week. Now day by day the situation in the Kashmir valley is improving.

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