Inspired by movies, ‘daring teenage’ drivers pose risk for all

Films and television shows have been carrying warnings about smoking and some dangerous stunts for a while. In future, reckless driving scenes in movies and advertisements may also come with cautionary messages, with a view to protect youngsters who get influenced by ‘daring drivers’ and try to emulate them, often at great cost.

With numerous cases of underage driving coming to fore, owning and driving either a two or a four wheeler is one of the most triumphant moment in a teenager’s life, and often one of the most dangerous too. For it is at this age that most teenagers exposed to the thrills of speeding meet with lethal accidents sometimes. Apart from badly paved roads, there is also bad traffic sense a potential accident which is just waiting to happen.

Obtaining a driver’s license is one of the most triumphant events in teenager’s life. It’s also a day parents should dread because teenager are the most unsafe drivers on the road, a threat to themselves and others. Seventeen and eighteen years old represent a big percent of drivers who are involved in a lot of crashes.

The problem lies not at the driver’s end but with tenagers, who tend to be impulsive and fearless. They are much more apt to speed,tailgate,shun seat belts and show off.About forty-four percent teen’s accidents occurs due to bad driving skills.

A direct approach to the problem would be to raise the age at which teens can get their license. But,according to RTO(Reginal Transport Offices) the minimum age for getting license is 16 years only for gearless vehicles but only for those vehicles whose engine power is 50 cc which includes only electric scooty,luna viz.The mature drivers have less chances of meeting with an accident whereas amateur drivers or teenage drivers are more prone to accidents. This is the reason why most countries do not give license to the drivers under age 18.

Talking to Newspoint Bureau, Principal of St Mary’s Presentation Convent School said that it is a major problem which we are facing today. “Children come with an excuse that they need to go to the tuitions after schools and going by public vehicles consumes a lot of time, she added. Adding further, she said that as the parking for the school is in army premises it is the duty of the military police to keep a check on the students and ask for the license before entering the army gate.

“Schools have circulated orders to parents and regular instructions are given to the students “she stated. Meanwhile when contacted, Principal of Army Public School Jammu Cantonment  said that army children have their army buses for pick and drop services whereas civil children are concerned they do come on their vehicle but they are not allowed to park their vehicle neither inside nor outside the school premises,she added.

“If the children parks their vehicle otside the school premises their vehicle is confiscated and is given only after their parents’ and undertaking is taken by the parents’ ”,she stated. She further said that traffic police should play their role and should organize awareness campaigns and conversation sessions with the schools children instead organizing camps in their police grounds she further added.

The students have different story to say,student of 12th class said that  coming on their personal vehicle saves their time and they do follow traffic rules but if traffic police ever stops them they simply gives them rupees 50 or 100,he added. Another student said that it is our onus to follow traffic rules which are made for our betterment, if it’s a law that student should not ride without license then they should not,she further added.

She further concluded that because of improper enforcement of law and order, students have got shelter to do wrong. She suggested that traffic police should play their role properly so that life of the student’s can be saved not only this parents’ should also discourage their children from not riding bikes,scooties without being eligible.

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