Intermittent ceasefire violations haunt border people

“We do not send our children to schools more often. Most of the population in the villages remains confined to their houses. There is complete miasma of threat that hovers over the border villages,” said a border resident, Shyam Kumar while narrating the tale how intermittent ceasefire violations linger upon their minds and haunt them day and night.

“It was month of September, 2014 when the people in border villages had tough time, owing to shelling along International Border, which hit the normal life directly and indirectly,” he said and added those who had witnessed those nightmares never dare to forget the days, which reminds every villager of doomsday.

He said that the intensity of shelling was as potent as that people became habitual of hearing those voices. “There were times when the entire village had pin drop silence, as somebody had heard fire shots, which actually was just utopia for him,” he added.

This cross firing caused a huge damage. Many people lost their life. Animals were perished and many people were maimed of life. The situations on border were not less than a war. People were shifted to safer places. They were bound to stay in camps.

The life was just halted. “The scene of a family at village Kothey Mahasha near border in Arnia sector was startling when all the family members got killed by a mortar. A three year old baby was lone survivor from the family. When people listened about it they could not stop themselves from visiting the place, despite continuance of shelling,” he said and added that the situation was so grave that people had to spend days to locate bodies of their dear ones.

As they say nothing lasts forever, so does this ceasefire violation. All this lasted for almost a year.  Life started settling down slowly. The good thing is that no such incident happened for last couple of months. People are feeling comfortable. Everything has come back on track. People have started the work of construction of new houses and repairing of damaged houses. They are trying to forget everything.

“The stains of these wounds are not erasable. Though, they might get vanished with passage of time. This tells how unexpected is life is at International border,” said villager.

It is not only the cross firing that impacted life of people at border areas, there are other aspects also. The roads are in worse condition. Communication is also not up to the mark. In the world of 4G, the border residents had to satisfy with 2G. It is very hard to even make a call. No cell provider is providing good coverage. Internet or broadband is also not available. The only provider is BSNL Landline.

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