Internet blockade no solution to dissent

The recurrent internet blockade by the government in Jammu and Kashmir to stop dissent voices is no solution, as with the advancements in technology, the people are no more dependent on one source of communication. The ban on internet enforced by the government in Jammu in the wake of desecration of temple has evoked strong resentment among people, who accused administration of being incompetent in managing law and order and thus resorting to ban.
There is no justification for stopping internet services. On the one hand the administration fails to maintain proper law and order in the region and on the other it is inflicting miseries on the people by blocking internet services, which affects all walks of life, from businessmen to student.
Now, the question is whether this ban on internet help to build an atmosphere of peace in the state. Can we make 1.25 crore people of the state hostage just for the potential threat of few dozen or hundred hate mongers.
Are our law enforcing agencies so weak and lethargic that they cannot take action against those hate-mongers who misuse internet services to spread enmity amongst different faiths and sects. Instead of taking other corrective measures, the state government and especially the failed officers who are obviously lethargic, incompetent and worthless took the extreme step and put a blanket ban on the internet services in the entire state.
A proper plan should be sketched out and strong cyber law must be imposed in the state, so that the hate and rumour mongers may not get space to vent off their irrelevant and irrational opinions. The role of administration becomes all important.
It has to strengthen the law and order situation in the state and extra vigil must be ensured to avoid any untoward incidents, which may disturb peace and thus bring ban on the internet.
This complete shutdown of internet services In Jammu and Kashmir would compel the potential investors to rethink whether to invest anything in the state that can anytime go back to stone ages where people use to put their messages in bottles and then drove them in a river or use the pigeons to convey their

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