‘Involvement of bigwigs leads to weak evidence, acquittal’

Balwant Bhau


Accusing the police of succumbing to political pressure in getting flesh traders convicted; Senior lawyer Sheikh Shakeel said that due to involvement of bigwigs in prostitution, the cases are not probed to nail the kingpins as well as promoters.

Talking to Newspoint, Sheikh Shakeel said there is Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act in Jammu and Kashmir, but due to weak policing, many accused get acquittal from the cases. “For instance, in case of Anara Gupta, the Police did not act properly and failed to produce needful evidences, owing to which the alleged accused managed to escape,” he said and added that the involvement of influential persons in this trade nooses down to police officials.

He further said that due to easy acquittal of those involved in flesh trade, the more people get encouraged and involved in illegal means of prostitution. “You can imagine a person running a brothel in the state gets easy acquittal as the police fails to produce evidence. This trend not only affects the policing system, but also gives wings to other person to get into this trade,” he said and added all this happens under the nose of police, as the investigations in such cases are not carried out in a professional way, due to which the benefit goes to the accused involved in the scandals.

“The working of the Investigation Officer, followed by acquittal of the accused, makes it evident that the police work under sheer political pressure, which they either do not want to or cannot negate,” he said and added Police does not act convincingly in the human trafficking cases. “The pressure from powerful succumbs them, due to which they do not carry the investigation properly and give space to those involved in such crimes,” he said.

He added that the major problem is that scandals lack fair investigation. “There are technical loopholes in the investigation as maximum scandals involve name of politicians or influential people, who do not let police to act responsibly,” he said.  The benefit in this process goes to the accused people. To tighten the noose against the accused, “Time bound investigation should be there and trials should be carried out in a professional way,” Sheikh Shakeel said and added that the witnesses don’t come to the court due to which the trial often get delayed and extended.

The accused people on grounds were bailed out under the table and get appointed as ‘Chief Secretaries’. “Number of times, Police ensures that there will be no political pressure in dealing with the scandals, but later it comes out that the entire investigation was influenced and carried as per the wish of politicians,” he stated.

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