Is there some back-room diplomacy?

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It refers to Pakistan suspending bilateral talks with India and backtracking on its commitment for visit of Indian team of National Investigating Agency (NIA) in probe-process for attack on Pathankot airbase even though India even after opposition’s strong criticism allowed Pakistan-team to visit India in this respect.

Pakistan even did not allow normal diplomatic process for allowing meeting of arrested Indian Kulbhushan Jadhav with officials of Indian High Commission in Pakistan. Pakistan even succeeded in getting UN resolution on banning Jaish-e-Mohammad Chief Mashood Azhar through veto of China.

India has traditionally lost diplomatic war with Pakistan right from post-1971 Indo-Pak war when it lost to Pakistan in Shimla talks even surrendering Indian Territory captured from Pakistan through blood of Indian soldiers.

At least all this was not expected from a BJP-led central government which while in opposition always talked tough on Pakistan policy of the then Congress-led central governments. Loss in diplomatic wars with Pakistan adversely affects morale of Indian people and soldiers. Is it some backdoor diplomacy being played by Indian leadership?





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