It requires political will! Let anti-graft bodies enjoy absolute freedom to act against sharks

Find out who is writing all this stuff is how the officers in Jammu and Kashmir especially those who wear uniform and are protected by the British era Police act which was meant to force Indians into submission and prevent re-occurrence of a another revolt of the magnitude of India’s first war of independence, known in the history books as Revolt of the 1857. This is the reaction of government agencies to the news stories or editorials or opinion pieces which appear in the local dailies.

Muzzle the voice and kill the messenger, write long pieces in national dailies, participate in the international seminars on Kashmir and don’t skip dinner or lunch with people who matter both in the Jammu and Kashmir as well as in New Delhi. These days, paying a visit to the RSS ideologues who have any connection with Jammu and Kashmir is also trending. Do whatever it takes to get a prize posting but do nothing to bring a massive turnaround in the rotten administrative system.

Don’t make a contribution but do some theatrics, stay put on a position for 2 or 3 years and then, move on to the next important position with some more theatrics. It seems, the administrative set-up including the forest and police service of Jammu and Kashmir is in no mood to change for betterment. A look at the state government websites especially those of Police and State Vigilance Organisation (SVO) in the Right to Information era explains all.

Don’t look at them, for you may be tempted to believe that we are in the era of 1990s and World Wide Web is yet to become the most powerful tool for higher accuracy and transparency. And if you want some information, please visit the office as the websites continue having wrong and misleading information. So what should one do if he/she dreams of a corruption free Jammu and Kashmir? Have a sound sleep and dream of such a state is the best option since transparency is the last thing that we (read people) want in Jammu Kashmir.

We love giving sermons but hate being shown the mirror. Jammu and Kashmir is probably one state in the country which has officers manning all the institutions created to curb graft and wash the taint of being the second most corrupt state. These institutions include State Accountability Commission (JKSAC), State Information Commission (SIC), State Vigilance Commission (SVC), State Vigilance Organisation (SVO) and Crime Branch (CB) of Jammu and Kashmir Police yet commoners or vigilant citizens are forced to approach court of law for forcing the state government to act against the corrupt officers enjoying top positions.

And even though Men of high-repute are heading these institutions yet not even one institution can claim of having brought a VVIP thug to book. Ironically, these men of high repute are left with no option but to drawn huge salaries; take up some cases who investigation takes years to get completed, get some lesser mortals convicted and prematurely retired and then, attend seminars and workshops on need for transparency and retire with head held high.

Post-retirement, write a book for some international printer and publisher, revealing how the state failed their efforts to bring major transformation in the functioning of the departments headed by them. But they do not talk about the space they had where they could have made a difference by refusing to sit quietly. If you cannot work, why not resign and join corporate sector where you enjoy much more freedom then what you do in the government sector. This has been happening in Jammu and Kashmir since years now and when one asks why, the reasons are not many.

And the favourite line of the all is, Jammu and Kashmir is a disturbed state and when the reforms were being thought of, serious security issues cropped-up.  And similarly, several other reasons are given but let us agree that none of us like transparency and accountability. We may say, we do not believe or accept Kashmir is a dispute but the fact the remains that the disease of corruption would have been cured, had focus not been security of the state and nothing else. We allowed corruption to take deep roots in Kashmir valley to fight terrorism.

We allowed flow of ill-gotten money to Jammu and Kashmir since we knew, the state has virtually no significant corporate presence and absence clearly means, political parties in Jammu and Kashmir would always be in need of sustenance allowance. Why would a big corporate house fund regional parties of Jammu and Kashmir which talk about Autonomy and self-rule? So, we by design allowed corruption to get into the roots of the state administration and created anti-graft institutions just to convince the people that we are serious in fighting corruption.

But the time has come to call a spade a spade. Take effective corrective measures. Let those heading these anti-graft institutions enjoy complete freedom when it comes to taking-up the corruption cases against the high and mighty. The government has chosen the brightest people to head these anti-graft bodies but it seems, more than graft traffic congestion is the major concern. Remember,

If anti-corruption measures succeed, it would have a major impact on the security scenario of the state. The sooner it is done, the better it would be.






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