Italy extracts 217 bodies from hull of migrant ship that sank last April

Rome, July 7
As many as 217 bodies were recovered from the hull of a migrant ship that sank off Libya last year, Italian navy officials said on Thursday. It was this tragedy that sparked the EU to beef up Mediterranean rescue operations.
Italian authorities raised the ship from the seabed last week and have been working to remove and identify the bodies ever since.
In a statement on Thursday, the navy said 52 autopsies had been performed on the 217 bodies pulled out so far.
Some of the 28 survivors of the April 18, 2015 wreck had said as many as 700-800 people were aboard, leading officials to label it one of the worst known tragedies of the Mediterranean migrant crisis. Around 200 bodies were initially recovered; after officials saw the ship’s dimensions, they suggested about 300 remained.

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