J&K Chief-Minister; criticized Pakistan for firing protests in the Kashmir Valley; leaving common-masses in troubles & pains

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Harbans S Nagokay
Kashmir; where protestors now been asked to replace stones & stone-pelters with arms-weapons & Separatists guerrillas. Chief Minister’s Mehbooba Mufti, also shown her stand to curb the on-going Pakistan sponsored agitation that claimed 70 lives so far and left over 11,000 injured.
After her first meeting with PM; following unrest, Ms Mufti, publicized her anger and approach to counter-confront this on-going unrest. For the first time, CM Mehbooba Mufti, conveyed her deep concern and pain over the situation in the valley, and asked all political parties to work together to find a permanent and long-lasting solution to problems in the state.
Modi’s Reassurances’ & Mind-Set; superseded the agenda alliance besides conferring authority.
Alliance’s commitments and stand now also been loudly and strongly defended by Ms Mufti, who seems in favour of talking only with those who want a peaceful resolutions with coordination to restore healthy environs in valley and supposed 5% people those are resorting to agitation, shall be dealt with iron hand, look like from her anger in the last 2-3 days.
CM Mehbooba Mufti, who strongly defended the actions of security forces now, also appealed to the hard-line Hurriyat leaders, not to take bad advantages by pushing youngsters toward deaths and losses.
Mehbooba’s statement might not been sound upright else been accepted to self-styled Azadi lovers & separatists, but has otherwise been sounding like as if, CM been clearly told from the Centre to control the growing unrest in the state, and consultation might be after following the lines-phrase:
“Tu idhar udhar ki na baat kar, yeh bata ki qaafile kyon loote; hamein rahzanon se gila nahin, teri rehbari ka sawaal hai” According to official sources ‘Mehbooba’ who has been under fire for failing to control the violence has been actually conveyed by PM Modi and the Centre has also made it clear that law and order was a subject matter of state Government. And, in no uncertain terms there is a need for putting an end to this turbulence & on-going disturbances which has claimed about 70 lives and besides pains and diseases, hard-pressed the business communities & daily earners to live a miserable life there.
Unfortunately; few highbrows within our nation and so-called leading media-persons are conducting debate-discussions charging all this as implementation of ‘NAGPURI AGENDA’ in Kashmir and height of insincerity; as of now with these awardees social orders, those narrow-mindedly highlighted the returning of awards culture then as national intolerance, kept mum on militants (hiding in a mob) those had launched two grenades & bullet firings leaving many injured and responsible for few deaths, there-at.
Civil society at Jammu; is similarly feeling very pleased and expecting now about things be smooth and normalcy be restored soon. Nationalistic & Peace Loving Communities at Jammu; are in severe shocks & deprived due to on-going circumstances in the valley and some-what feeling like disregarded and stressed, with continuous propagandizing’s of so-called Kashmiriyat alone, and innocent killings.
Business Community of Jammu, which is also facing hardships since last about 2 months, and fed-up with Kashmir centred politics else continuous ignorance, now looking forward with hopes & expectations on the lady to do something approving in association with their most loved BJP.
Last but not least and by setting aside everything, anti-national posts and unbearable notes against India on social media, from well-educated civil society of Kashmir as well as from Govt. officials & employees in Kashmir are otherwise irritating-and-annoying Jammu people, since last so many days.
And, bold this exceptional statement by Mehbooba Mufti, now well-left a ray hope in the Nationals and Jammu people to imagine of something like encouraging-actions, which are actual need of the hour.

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