J-K: Locals hopeful of Jammu ropeway project to propel employment

Aiming to boost the economy and generate employment for the locals, the Jammu ropeway project will resume tourism operations soon after the pandemic situation is over.

Rakesh Bhat, project manager, Jammu ropeway project told, “Local business such as cab facility, hotels, maintenance will generate employment. It will be allowed for the public once the pandemic situation recedes.”

The prestigious project is divided into two sections- one from Bahu Fort to Mahamaya Temple, which is 484 meters long and the second section is from Mahamaya Temple to Peer Kho Cave Temple, with a distance of 1,184 meters.

“Total cost of this project is INR 75 crores which has the capacity for 400 passengers per hour. This project connects three ancient temples of Jammu. This will also boost local tourism. There are facilities for the tourists such as restaurants, fun zones, etc.,” said Bhat.

The execution period was of 30 months. The ticketing cost per person has been proposed on INR 300 for a round trip.

The residents of Jammu, who have been waiting for this project for years, are thrilled as this will lead to direct and indirect employment.

Mohammed Ramzan, a resident of Jammu said, “We feel really good that a project of this scale has taken shape here. Any such projects are favourable for us as it will act as a propeller for employment. Jammu needed a tourism spot that could cater to both tourism and employment.”

Another local resident Akamat Wani said, “More tourism will lead to more employment. More connectivity will lead to more footfalls, which in the end means more employment. A lot of renovation is taking place and it will definitely boost the overall prospect of Jammu in a positive manner.”

On August 5, Jammu and Kashmir completed one year of scrapping Article 370.