Loot as soon as entering Jammu and Kashmir

We all have heard that toll plazas are meant for development but ever heard toll plazas are meant for looting people? Yes it sounds true for Lakhanpur toll plaza. People are already stressed about the medical conditions and travelling to and fro for it while this toll adds an extra financial pressure on them.

All Party Toll Plaza Action Committee Pradhan Sunny Sharma took this matter on a higher level but still the toll plaza exists. While talking to JK Newspoint  he said “Before 2014 Congress tried to make 2 toll plazas in J&K, Chandraprakash Ganga of BJP was the first one to oppose this decision and got it closed. I want to ask how much money need BJP felt that it reopened the toll plaza when it won. It’s a shame on Chandraprakash Ganga that the first one was reopened in his area Sarovar. Since 3 months we are protesting against this Lakhanpur toll plaza. Candle march, gathering people’s support is all we can do. People of Lakhanpur are not buying vegetables for more than Rs. 10. For medical facilities we have to go to Pathankot. Rs. 75 is charged for each side. This Government who before 2014 used to yell that Congress is looting us should know that they are looting 20 more than Congress. They have made our life hell. After 2014, no teacher has been posted. Whatever posts were out, each one of them was given to BJP known people.” Government assures that this toll plaza has restarted for development of Lakhanpur and its people. But the localites don’t feel so.

When asked about development, Sunny Sharma said mockingly “The Government Medical Hospital of Lakhanpur is same like it was 20-2 years back. The Government School did not ever become Government High School. No ambulance counter is near the toll plaza. Roads are in poor condition. In fact first roads are maintained and then toll plaza is made but here a facility even worth Rs. 1 is being provided. They are looting us. Everyday fights happen in places where toll plazas exist. We will protest and ask Government that why in this hard corona time they are putting burden on us. The big vehicles do not travel even 1 km and pay a toll of Rs. 300. BJP is responsible for our unemployed overage people waiting for their jobs. Dr. Jitendra Singh has visited twice only for getting votes. They are winning on the name of Modiji. Leaders like Rajeev Jasrotia and Nirmal Singh are just sitting at home doing nothing. If BJP leaders will not raise voice for us then who?”

These toll plazas i.e. Lakhanpur and Sarova both are causing problems to people. They are totally against them. Well we doubt whose development are they serving for – The Government or the people?! We hope the Administration listens to people so that they are not financially weaken and next time at least have proper food without thinking about the extra toll money they have to pay!