Jammu attires like bride ahead of Diwali

Jasleen Kour
Continuing the trend of attiring houses and commercial establishment, Jammu city has been decked up like a bride days ahead of Diwali.
Ahead of Diwali, majority of residential, commercial establishments and markets have been decked up with the festive glow of electric illumination.
A large variety of attractive thrilling lights are flooding the markets. Beautiful lights in the form of spiral coil, ropes, garden lights, balls, artificial diyas with electric bulb inside it. Markets are also offering wide range of home decors including Lakshmi idols, showpiece, Ganesh, Frames and large variety of garland of flowers.
A shopkeeper, Mohan Das told “this is the time when we can earn extra buck from selling these decorative lights” People love to decorate their homes with lights as Diwali is the festival of lighting, he added.
Diwali celebration is as much as about colorful decorations as it is about the lighting of the lamps. Despite of all these artificial lightings available in the market, some people still prefer to buy traditional diyas made of mud.
Pot makers in the city busy in making pots ahead of Diwali. There are many families in Jammu who are in this profession of making pots from decades.
“Every year I prefer to buy pots, this is the tradition, which is going on from decades.
My Diwali is incomplete without lighting the traditional diyas at home,” said Radhika, local resident from Gandhi Nagar.
A traditional potter, Praba Devi said “From last twenty years I am in this profession and my son is also helping me in this profession. I sit outside the temple in Parade.”
Preparation for these pots is started one month before the Diwali. It is time consuming process as mud is heated one day before using it for making pots. Pots are checked twice before applying paint on it, she added.
Earlier there was huge demand of pots but with time, now a day’s very few people buy these traditional pots due to which many pot maker families have changed their profession.

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