Jammu audience not ‘mature enough’ for gigs

The ugly face of audience that surfaced in the yesterdays Baisakhi event of Ranjit Bawa, has vindicated the much talked point that Jammu audience is not ‘mature enough’ for gigs.

Believe it or not, a gig totally depends on the audience behavior. The main thing for an artist is the audience. A gig can only be successful from an artist point of view if you whole heartedly hook up with the audience.

In today’s three tier lifestyle people are so much busy in their schedule that they frequently have time for the leisure or one can say to shift their state of mind.

Events or ‘mehfils’ are organized to bring together the likeminded folks. Artists are often faced with the difficulty of merely being heard at a large gathering.

Gone are the days when going to gigs were a lifestyle, nowadays gig-going is a violent business. ‘Dads go with lads, mums’ with daughters’, but today even the families’ feel insecure to attend a live event which remained abuzz with drunken hipsters.

The gig managers are the major sufferers in a gig failure as they have to answer the general public. An audience engagement at a live event results in the success of the event. If the audience does not behave properly, then it makes it difficult for the artist to perform properly.

Talking particularly about the immature audience, every time an event turns out to be a major failure just because of the worst behavior of the folks, which are yet to come out of that ‘selfie with celebrity mindset’, in attempt of which they turn out to be major spoiler?

An event organized way back in the year 2009 in which Punjabi Pop Singer Jazzy B performed. In the middle of the event, the crowd got violent after which the Police have to resort to lathi charge to disperse the crowd. The trouble started when some people from the audience went up to the dias and started dancing with the artist to disturb the show.

In few of the cases, the Police have to fire tear gas shells in air to disperse the ugly crowd. Police have to rush to the programme after the mob turned violent and started shouting slogans. There were about four figured violent turned mob.

Meanwhile, on the occasion of Baisakhi, a trade fair was organized by a Jammu based event management company, Lakhdata Events. The event continued for more than a week and on the concluding day, renowned Punjabi Folk Singer Ranjit Bawa came all the way from Punjab to perform in front of the gathering on the occasion of Baisakhi, traditional festival.  Similarly with a negative psyche, a freak from the audience jumped on to the dias to have selfie with the celebrity, which ultimately disturbed the show. Afraid about the situational uprising within the audience, the Punjabi singer, without wasting time, preferred to leave the venue, keeping hundreds of music lovers in a state of surprise. Although with the nuisance and chaos at the site of event, the people preferred to move away and with the help of police, the audience was evacuated.


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