Jammu consolidates; likeminded meet at Dogra hall

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Jammu Tawi, May 29

In a unique but very important initiative a large cross section of Dogras from all walks of life, various political affiliations and divergent socio economic backgrounds and religious faiths got together at Dogra Bhawan, Dogra Hall. They had one singular purpose to keep Jammu peacefully united and discuss the challenges to their traditionally peaceful understanding and a loving secular brotherhood. The meeting was convened by the Dogra Sadar Sabha (DSS) President and former minister Th. Gulchain Singh Charak. Prominent citizens from all walks of life, political parties, social and traders organizations were invited to get together and ponder over the existing conditions of Jammu region that are showing signs of worsening

This high powered meeting joined by political and social stalwarts and senior military veterans had thread bare discussion about the prevailing conditions, security threats and felt that there was conspiracy behind the various incidents to create unrest in this region that has seen the boil up in north in Kashmir and in south in Punjab but remained balanced, peaceful strongly united and held its unshaken secular image. Speakers felt that the forces inimical to peace want to disturb this region and create Kashmir like conditions here.

To start with Th. Gulchain Singh Charak appreciated the concern shown by the Chief Minister about the protection of border population and creation of Shelter Bhawans as demanded by DSS. He added that this must not remain only in planning and the implementation must be taken up on war footing before more lives are lost in Pakistan firing. Some members brought out the need for Govt paid insurance of crops and cattle heads as also of costly agriculture equipments like tractors, thrashers etc. The casualties due to Pakistan shelling should be compensated at par with terror victim said the former minister.

At the end the president of the Sabha exhorted all Jammu people to stay united. Forget all differences for the sake of our region and help in retaining communal harmony at all costs. Charak assured that the DSS is prepared to work with and support any and every organization who takes lead towards these aims.

The prominent among the speakers were Prem Sagar Gupta, Col. Karan Singh Jamwal, Prof N.K. Dogra, Brig. M.S. Jamwal, Smt. Santosh Mangotra, Sh. Sayed Amanat Ali Shah, Anil Padha, Zorawar Singh, Sh. O.P. Gupta, Qadir Hussain ,Yashpaul Gupta, Dr. Raghubhir Singh, Raj Kumar, Bodh Raj Sharma, Madan Rangila, Ch. Kamal Singh, Karan Singh Jamwal.

The meeting was also attended by Swarn Singh Charak, Sudesh Singh, S. Kulbir Singh, Chhankar Singh, B.B. Talwar, Kastrui Lal, Madan Lal Bhagat, Gurbachan Lal, Dr Gurdas Ram, Budhi Singh Charak, Baldev Singh, Shiv Charan, Sukhdev Singh, S.K. Dingra, Gagan Singh, Jagdish Sharma, Mohd. Din and O P Sangra.

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