Jammu hospitals lack facilities to conduct routine tests

Pardeep Singh Bali

In an embarrassing revelation, the premier hospitals in Jammu and Kashmir, particularly Jammu lack basic facilities to conduct common, important and routine tests, which are otherwise must for diagnosing patients suffering from various diseases.

According to highly placed sources, the critical condition of the healthcare could be gauged from the fact that many routine tests are not conducted in the premier health institutes of the state. Sources said that in addition to this, there are many tests and investigations whose reports are provided after days, which serve no purpose for the patient.

“The routine as well as vital tests like Hepatitis Profile, TORCH, Thyroid Profile, ANA, ANCA, Kidney Biopsy (Immuno-florescence), Rota Virus, Hydatid serology, and many other routine but important tests are not being conducted in Government Medical College and Super Specialty Hospital”, sources in health department said and added that those few tests which are conducted are for name sake, as they are delayed, besides are provided on white paper, instead of proper report.

A senior doctor at GMC and Super Specialty Hospital, wishing anonymity said most of these tests are very important for diagnosing the problem but unfortunately, they are not being conducted in the premier health institutes. He said, “Some of these tests are costly while many are being done at very low cost but due to lack of required kits and other facilities, they are not being done in the hospitals.

“Hepatitis Profile, TORCH and Coagulation Profile involve to 7 tests each. Some are required before operation, while some are required for diagnosing a patient suffering from various infections,” doctor said and added Coagulation Profile is done before surgery/operation of a patient. TORCH, a very vital test is required for pregnant women and those suffering from repeated abortions.  ANA, ANCA, Kidney Biopsy (Immuno-florescence) tests are must for diagnosing a patient suffering from kidney infection and other related diseases. SGOPT is for patients suffering from liver related diseases.

A very important test, Rota Virus is required before proceeding with the treatment of child suffering from various infections. Hydatid test is must for the patients suffering from various liver related diseases caused due to infection from animals, especially dogs, a health expert said. Senior doctor further informed that the kits and other required medicines for conducting these important tests are not being provided.

“We are not being provided requisite medicines and the kits for conducting the tests due to which we refuse the patients and they have to move to private laboratories and clinics where they are charged lot of money”, doctor lamented. The doctor said, “Every time we demand medicines and kits for these tests, we are told that there are no funds available”.  When tried to contact Superintendent of GMC, he was unavailable for comments.



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